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Our Story

The Journey

With over 50 years of experience, Wood & Veneers has been a pioneer in the timber industry. We have established ourselves as a leading provider of high-quality wood products. Our commitment to excellence and craftsmanship sets us apart from the competition. We take pride in our ability to deliver exceptional wood and veneer solutions to our clients. Whether it's for residential or commercial projects, we have the expertise to meet your unique needs. Explore our wide range of products and discover the beauty of natural wood.

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Why Us

At Woods and Veneers, we believe that quality is key. Our products are built on the pillars of strength, durability, and beauty, making them a top choice for both corporate brands and local architects and construction businesses. We take pride in ensuring that only the finest quality timber, veneer, plywood, and laminates reach our customers, and we are the sole supplier of Timex Veneer in the entire region. In addition, we offer dedicated after-sales support to ensure an unforgettable experience for our customers.

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