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Wide Range of Products with a Promise of Quality
Timber; Door and Deck

For millennia, timber has been the go-to material for building doors, homes, decks, boats, and decorative pieces. Timber offers many advantages, including reducing wastage by being a renewable construction material. It's also incredibly versatile, able to be bent without breaking, nailed together, bolted to other materials, and more. Timber is environmentally sustainable, as more trees can be planted in the same place as the felled tree, making it a renewable resource for the construction industry. Additionally, fewer pollutants are released into the atmosphere to other products. We provide a wide range of quality Timber wood such as Ashwood, Steam Beech, Teak, Maple, Walnut, various types of Oak and much more.


Plywood is a strong and durable material made by gluing together layers of wood at alternating right angles It is a popular choice for furniture, cupboards, kitchen cabinets, and office tables due to its strength and reduced chances of warping and splitting. Additionally, plywood is an economical option compared to other full-wood species. At Wood and Veneers, we are proud to be the leading supplier and trader of renowned plywood brands such as Century Ply, Green Ply, Tata Plywood, Jyvas Plywood, KWIN Plywood, Burmese Gurjan, Austin Plywood, and Kitply.

Natural Veneer Interiors

Wood veneer is a popular choice for decorating tables, doors, cabinets, and more. It is an economical option as it yields 42 times the material of solid wood. Additionally, veneer provides a lustrous finish that blends well with any home or office theme. It is also durable and resistant to insects, making it a great choice for furniture. At Woods and Veneers, we offer the highest quality veneer, including exclusive Timex veneers in Telangana, ensuring you get the best product for your furniture needs.


Wood laminates and decorative surfaces are a versatile and cost-effective solution for enhancing the look of any space. These products offer a wide range of advantages, including durability, easy maintenance, and resistance to scratches and stains. They can be used for a variety of applications, such as flooring, countertops, and wall paneling. With a variety of colors, patterns, and textures available, wood laminates and decorative surfaces can be customized to fit any design style. Whether you're looking to update your home office, these products are a great choice for achieving a high-end look without breaking the bank.

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