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Wood veneer is a thin slice of wood (usually thinner than 3mm) that is peeled from the trunk of the tree. It is extensively used to decorate tables, doors, cabinets etc.

It keeps termites, fungus, molds away from your furniture.

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Why use wood veneer?


Solid wood of some tress is very expensive. In such cases, it is economical to use Veneer as it yields 42 times the material of solid wood.

Lustrous finish

Veneer gives a warm, rich finish and blends in with the theme of the office or home.


Veneer is strong and sturdy. Veneers produced using modern techniques are also resistant to splitting and warping.

Protection from Insects

It keeps termites, fungus, molds away from your furniture.

Why use our wood veneer?

Wood and Veneers deals in the highest quality veneer ensuring you get the best product for all types of furniture. Our Veneer is strong, malleable, rich in texture, and Wood and Veneers is the exclusive supplier of high quality Timex veneer in Telangana.