What sets us apart from our competitors is that we supply products from the top brands in the plywood, veneer and timber industry. We also provide a dedicated support service, and ease the ordering and invoicing process.


Plywood is a sheet of wood that is glued together to form a thick layer. Plywood has become a popular material to make furniture, cupboards, kitchen cabinets, office tables and more.

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Plywood Advantages


The layers of the plywood are glued together at alternating right angles which gives it strength and durability. This also reduces the chances of warping and splitting.


Plywood is less expensive than other boards made of full wood species.

Why use our plywood?

Wood and Veneers is the leading supplier and trader of renowned plywood brands like Century ply, green plywood, Tata plywood, Jyvas Plywood, KWIN plywood, Burmese Gurjan, Austin Plywood, etc.

The company has earned the IIID-HRC Hafele design award for excellence in rendering services in the field of plywood supply.