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Wood and Veneers is a leading dealer and supplier of plywood, timber, veneer and laminates. The company showcases it's products out of a massive 3000 sq.ft showroom in Srinagar colony, Jubilee hills in Hyderabad.

The company started as a trader operating from a small warehouse in Bhoiguda in 1957, supplying timber to neighboring districts in Andhra Pradesh. Over the course of next 7 decades, today, the company has emerged as the leading and most trusted supplier of timber, veneer, plywood and laminates in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and is considered a pioneer in the wood and wood related industry. For its outstanding contribution to the industry, Wood and Veneers has earned the IIID-HRC Hafele design award for excellence in rendering services in the field of plywood supply in 2013.

Wood and Veneers is all set to climb to the next level in the wood and veneer industry. It has set its sights on expanding its client and vendor base, becoming a key player in the wood supply industry at the national and international level. This goal has been further emboldened by “Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana”, a government initiative which aims to build 20 million houses by 2022. Wood and Veneers wants to be a major part of the housing development surge this country is poised to witness in the next decade.

Director's Profile

Mr. Jayantilal Patel (Director)

Mr. Jayantilal Patel, an energetic and far-sighted leader, started Woods & Veneers in 1981 when he was just 21 years old. Being a trustworthy, honest, and efficient decision-maker backed with a Pre University course and 39 years of experience under his belt, he has successfully led the company to become a trendsetter in the plywood business.

Mr. Patel’s innate ability to form long-lasting partnerships, gaining the trust of customers, no-compromise policy on the quality of products, judicious use of resources, and intellectual caliber are the attributes that drive him and the company ahead. There is no doubt that such aspects will definitely transform him into a market leader and make him a role model for dozens of entrepreneurs.

His father, whom he considers to be the lighthouse of his life, wanted him to be a doctor, but Mr. Patel found his calling in business. He also has picked up numerous successful habits such as an intuitive understanding of the customers’ real needs, prudent risk-taking approach, dynamic leadership, and fearless attitude. His biggest motivation in life is to rear the second generation and scale up Gautam agency. He considers his most significant achievement to bag the highest number of clients for Artius, a flagship product, which was conceptualized by him.

He plans to update his business arsenal with computer technology and related technical skills. In his leisure time, Mr. Patel likes to play Badminton and go swimming.

Mr. Vinod Patel (Director)

Mr. Vinod Patel is a Director at Woods and Veneers. He is a commerce graduate and has been in the family business for the past two decades. Vinod has played a critical role in scaling up his business. He takes care of the finance and dealer network, two of the most critical aspects, of Woods and Veneers.

He aspires to purchase an independent villa. Vinod has an astute mind which has helped him in handling his business dealings in an adroit fashion. He has a keen sense of observation, where he takes into account even the smallest details. If not a businessman, Vinod would have been a musician or software engineer.

Despite being an introvert, he has built a strong sense of identity that has helped him wade through situations of crisis. In his leisure time, Vinod loves going on a long drive and listening to music.

Mr. Chetan Patel (Director)

Mr. Chetan Patel is a Director at Woods and Veneers. Have a strong sense of passion towards business, he made his initial foray at the young age of 22. Chetan possesses an uncanny ability to bring a turnaround in business with the aid of his networking skills.

He is a commerce graduate. Chetan has successfully formed a great association with reputed brands like Artius, Timex and many other prominent players. He also has a knack for introducing new products in the market.

This is hardly surprising, as Chetan is an ardent follower of Ratan Tata. He cannot imagine himself being anything else, other than an entrepreneur. Chetan looks forward to the day when he would not have any financial obligations. He has a resolute mind and is not a people pleaser. In his leisure time, Chetan enjoys watching movies, listening to music and going on a long drive.

Mr. Janak Patel (MD and CEO)

Mr. Janak Patel is the MD and CEO of Woods and Veneers. He graduated in business management and completed his post graduate degree in family business management from the prestigious SP Jain Management Institute.

Janak has been instrumental in bringing the company its current reputation. He has completed major projects, single handedly taking the business to new heights. He has taken initiatives which have not only improved profits, but also made the business environmentally sustainable. His genuine care for all his stakeholders - his clients and employees alike; decisiveness, and disciplined approach has been the bedrock on which the company has earned its name.

Even with impressive education credentials, Janak is a hands-on CEO. Since he understands the importance of a grounds up approach in business, his day is spent in the company showrooms, meeting clients, guiding and mentoring his sales teams. His excellent temperament coupled with a special ability to connect with staff and clients of all levels has earned him the title of “people’s man”. As a next generation entrepreneur, Janak is all set to take business to the next level by incorporating the latest systems, technology and the best of talent. He wants to integrate the best of corporate processes with family business ethics..

On the non-professional front, Janak unwinds by spending time with his family and friends. He is a hard core cricket fan and plays regularly in the local club. He is also an avid movie fan and loves socializing.



To be a one stop solution for
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To be a Rs 300 Cr company by 2025.

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Wood and Veneers has a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. Our members are equipped with the latest happenings in the world of wood and can provide a dedicated and knowledgeable service to you. We have 25 members at the manager to executive level and 40 employees on the field.